Why is Royal Arch Masonry so popular with Brethren? ?

In the early days of Freemasonry, the Royal Arch Degrees were considered the most important. This was because the Mother Grand Lodge – which is from which all Speculative Masonry stems – was so rigid that it was adopted in 1813. The Articles of Union contained a solemn landmark that was placed in the Articles of Union. It stated that “Pure Ancient Freemasonry consists of only three degrees: Entered Apprentice Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Also, the Supreme Order of Holy Royal Arch. This landmark has remained unchanged. To this day, no other degree has been recognized by the Mother Grand Lodge. No rite, system, or additional degree in Freemasonry can confer its degree on a Master mason until he has received his Royal Arch Degree. This is normal. A man cannot be a Master Mason until they receive the Master’s Word. He can only receive the Royal Arch Degree.

The Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry is made up of four degrees: Past Master, Mark Master and Most Excellent Master.


It is believed that the Mark Master Degree was created as a way to register a craftsman’s mark during those years of distinguished craft masons and temple building. The Masonic fraternity developed it into a full-fledged degree. Some scholars believe it to be the earliest degree, and could have predated all other degrees by many years. It is highly respected by Masonry students, as it teaches lessons that are applicable to all walks of life. Some Grand Lodges are so proud of the Mark Master Degree that they have made it a separate grand body called the Grand Lodge of Mark Masters.


Because the Past Master Degree was originally conferred only by the Symbolic Lodge on Past Masters, the Symbolic (Blue) Lodge now has the ability to confer it on all Brethren. This degree was created to allow all worthy Brethren to be awarded the Royal Arch degree. It was conferred in England in 1768, the first recorded instance.


American innovation is the source of America’s Most Excellent Master Degree. It was first conferred by a Royal Arch Chapter in Middletown, Connecticut in 1783. This is the highest degree in Freemasonry. It is the only degree to bring forcibly to our attention King Solomon’s Temple’s completion and dedication. This is the very idea on which all Masonic symbolism is based.


The Royal Arch Degree is the culmination of Ancient Craft Masonry, Masonic Symbolism and Masonic Symbolism. It is known as the “root and marrow” of Freemasonry. It tells the entire story of Jewish History in its darkest hours. Jerusalem and the Holy Temple are destroyed. The Babylonian slaves are holding the people captive. As you are freed to go home, you will be able to join some slaves in rebuilding the Temple of God and the city. They discover the most treasured Masonic resource — the long-lost Master’s Word — during this rebuilding.

Many historians believe that the Royal Arch Degree’s origins can be traced back to Ireland in the late 17th century. In England, 1738, and 1738 respectively, the Royal Arch Degree was established in 1752. This helped to place the Royal Arch Degree on par with Master Mason Degree.

Freemasonry was planted in the Colonies by military lodges. They also helped to create the Marl and Royal Arch degrees for the “New World.” According to lodge records, the Royal Arch Degree was awarded at Fredericksburg No. 4, on December 12, 1753. This lodge was where George Washington was born a few months before this date.

All who have reached the highest degree of Royal Arch Masonry, especially those who wish to continue their Masonic education, will appreciate its value. It exposes the full potential of Ancient Craft Masonry and presents it as a complete system according to the original plan. This justly allows you to claim the noble title of Master Mason.

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