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Royal Arch Research Assistance

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We are often overwhelmed by requests for donations for good causes. While many are important and worthwhile, most of them are well-worth our contributions. However, we now have the chance to get something directly for our Masonic bodies in return. Not lapel pins, address labels or calendars. But something that will be useful to your Lodge or Chapter, Council, Commandery or Commandery.

ROYAL ARCH RESEARCH ASSISTANANCE’s Board of Directors has created the Gift for a Gift Program. Three excellent musical discs, each worth $150, were made possible by Companion Steven Monrotus (Past Grand High Priest of Missouri), a well-known organist. Each disc has the appropriate music to be used for Masonic ceremonies. You will find patriotic music as well as music to be used for opening and closing a Masonic body. You can also find processionals that include hymns or other appropriate tunes, as well as incidental tunes.

Many great musicians and composers have contributed so much to the Masonic Fraternity’s ritualistic work over the years. However, few Lodges or other Masonic groups have the resources or instruments to produce these sounds for our degree work. There are many musical discs or discs sets that have the music you need. However, they are not organized in a way that is convenient for rituals. These discs contain short recordings (maximum 2 minutes), so that you can easily apply them to the ceremony. These tracks can be used as guides by a set of notes.

This CD is yours to offer and we ask that you consider giving it to your Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, or Council as a gift. We also request that you make a donation to Royal Arch Research Assistance to help us provide this valuable Masonic tool. You all know the importance of music in our ceremonies. This is your chance to make a difference with one or more of these Masonic music gifts. Participating in the Gift for a Gift program for Royal Arch Research Assistance is a great way to leave a lasting legacy.


Companions: There have been a few changes since the last update of Royal Arch Research Assistance. Our University of Arizona CAPD efforts are now led by Dr. Frank Muziek. In October 2014, he moved to Arizona. He will now have more PhD researchers at his new location at the University of Connecticut. He has supported international symposiums about CAPD and placed more emphasis on finding its cause. The Hearing Health Foundation continues to be supported by our sponsorship of four researchers with CAPD. Autism Speaks has also pledged $1,000,000 to help correlate CAPD signs in toddlers (12 – 36 months old) with Autism Speaks.

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